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Ror is a 17 year old Hip Hop Artist born in South Sudan. In 2005, at the age of 9 he immigrated to Australia along with his mother, brothers and sisters.


Ror’s music speaks of the hardships and triumphs he experienced in his young life. His music is  Rap, R’n'B, Pop fusion that rolls through the soul and sends a beat to the heart. Beginning his career just under 2 years ago, Ror’s music is growing and evolving through his powerful lyrics and live performances.


Ror’s solo tracks include ‘Finding My Way’, which is about searching for happiness, ‘Another View’ speaks of violence against women, ‘Live Your Life Right’ recollects Ror’s troubled life in Africa, 'Papa' recollects memories of how Ror's father was, 'We Rise High' speaks out about the world rising high one day. 


As well as performing extensively for his local community, Ror has also performed at Peace Pallet, a benefit for Sudan; ‘Bring It’ Festival, Melbourne Arts Centre, and at the Boston Leadership Course, USA. Ror performed at Planetboom, and won the Planetboom Got Talent contest.


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